HK91/G3 to G3K Conversions

The G3 was manufactured in two sizes. The standard size G3 and the and the G3K. The G3K uses a forearm from an HK33/93 and has a 12.5 inch barrel as opposed to a G3 which has a 17.1 inch barrel.

IGF can convert your standard length G3/HK91 to the G3K version.

Two options are available. The G3k can be built as a Short Barreled rifle pictured above or we manufacture a long 53 style muzzle attachment which is pictured below that will bring the overall barrel length to 16 inches and not require any Short Barreled rifle registration. Ourt 53 style G3k flash hider is machined from 4140 heat treated and stress relieved steel for durability.

G3k with Long 53 Style Flash Hider. Overall Barrel Length is 16 inches and does not require Short Barreled Rifle Paperwork.

Click on the small images above for larger photos.

Here is the process we use.

bullet We remove the barrel from the receiver.
bullet Shorten the barrel, rethread/recrown the muzzle, and install a sleeve on the barrel to relocate the front site post.
bullet The cocking tube is then shortened to accomadate the HK33 forearm.
bullet Barrel is reinstalled into the receiver and the conversion is complete.
bullet At the customer’s request we can permanently install a muzzle device.
bullet Rifle is then test fired to verify sight alignment.
Pricing Information

Labor only to do the conversion is $425.00
Refinish the barreled receiver in our Envirotech black is $125.00
Options for Non – SBR Rifle

Long 53 Style Muzzle Attachment $75
Permanently Attach 53 Style Muzzle Attachment $40