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HK PSG1 / MSG90 Builds and Conversions

Barrel Installation

Hk Precision Rifle Barrel Installs require two supporting modifications to the firearm.  The cocking tube must be modified for the PSG/MSG forearm and a Trunnion Extension must be added to support the barrel and forearm.  Barrel Install prices are for barrel install only, supporting mod prices are listed below.

Remove Existing Barrel and Install PSG/MSG Barrel



PSG/MSG Specific Modifications

Modify Cocking Tube for PSG/MSG Forearm


Trunnion Extension Installed (this price is part and labor)


Weld On Receiver Rails


Machine Receiver and Weld on Forward Assist


Machine Bolt Carrier for Forward Assist


Weld on One Piece Optic Rail


Weld on Two Piece Optic Mounts


Refinish Work

Refinish Upper Only


Refinish Complete Rifle



Install Paddle Mag Lever (labor only) We typically stock the parts required for the paddle mag install, the price for the parts varies according to supply email us for current paddle parts price and availability.


Restamp Existing Model to New Model


Engrave New Markings


Machine Receiver and Weld on Case Deflector