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If you need a length other than 14.5, please indicate it below in the comments

Photo of Nitrided 14.5 and M4 Profiled MR Barrel

The cost to remove and install the barrel is included in the Shorten and Thread Price, if you need barrel profile work done without shortening/threading it will add $50 to the cost of the profile work.

The Socom Profile is approx .860 in diameter, The Milspec Profile is approx .720 under the handguard. Please indicate your preference in the comments section below

If you are interested in the weight differences those are available here MR556-416 Barrel Length Profile Weight Comparison
Necessary on some firearms to get the barrel length over 16" so rifle does not have to be registered with the NFA
This applies to the 10.4 barrel modifications only. If you would like more information about the modification it is available here Vented and Standard 10.4 Gas Block Modification Details
The alloy the MR barrel is made from will not parkerize well, it will parkerize, but will not retain the park crystals. The factory finish appears to be brown oxide, which is similar in appearance to parkerizing.

Nitride also known as Melonite barrel treatment is available, the cost for that service is $155 for the barrel and $45 for the gas block. The nitride finish is a nice jet black finish that hardens and slickens the steel surfaces and also increases corrosion resistance both outside the barrel and inside the bore. This surface hardening and added corrosion resistance makes the barrel easier to clean and noticeably increases the life of barrels and parts such as the gas block. Some guys also have their carrier nitrided which makes a noticeably smoother action and imparts less wear to the receiver internals, the cost to nitride the carrier is $30.

The operating Rod can also be nitrided, but will no longer retain its captured spring. Will not effect anything when the firearm is assembled, but will allow the recoil rod to be disassembled when removed from the rifle.

If you would like to go without nitride we can do bonded resin finish which has a nice look and is very corrosion resistant.
The barrel nut is available in 3 different versions. A standard nut the same dimension as the factory nut, a nut made specifically for the Geiselle forearm, and a nut for the Keymod Forearm which elliminates the gap between the forearm and receiver. Please put your preference in the comments section below.

The Titanium Gas Piston reduces the reciprocating weight which helps to lessen the muzzle rise.
We can restamp your firearm to replicate the markings on the factory 416 in black, or we can completely recolor the upper receiver, lower receiver, and forearm and restamp with the factory 416 Markings.
Engraving is done via laser on either side of the trigger on the bottom of the lower. If you need this done please include a photo copy of your SBR paperwork so we can engrave it exactly as it reads on your NFA paperwork.