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MP5 / Hk94 / MP5K / SP89

Hk MP5 / 94 Building From Flats

Can be built from the various flats currently available on the market. IGF manufacturing info must be added to the right magwell. A model number and serial number is added to the tob rib. For the most part a customer can have any model number or serial number they would like. The finished firearm will have to be shipped to an FFL dealer for transfer to the customer when the work is finished. Flats are finished only as part of a firearm build.

In most states these can be built as a pistol with the short MP5 barrel, in this form a pistol style endcap must be used in place of the buttstock and no US parts are required.

I can also add a fake suppressor to the 3 lug MP5 barrel to get the barrel length over 16″. In this configuration a buttstock can be used, but they also require 4 US parts in addition to the receiver and fake suppressor which would qualify as US made.

Finish Flat Into Receiver
Paddle Mag Install (this is optional, but most people request it)
Build and Refinish Firearm From Kit


Hk 94 Barrel Work

Replace the 16″ 94 barrel with an MP5 3 lug barrel.  The price listed is for labor only and does not include the cost of the MP5 barrel.

SP89 Barrel Work

We recommend replacing the SP89 barrel with a 3 lug barrel instead of adding an adapter.  The price listed is for labor only and does not include the cost of the 3 lug MP5K barrel



Paddle Mag Install (labor only) requires the paddle mag release lever and a contact piece and push button
Engrave Customer’s NFA Registration Info Name/City State
We can restamp your rifle from 94 or SP89 to MP5, MP5-N, MP5K, MP5K-N, or MP5 SD
We can weld and mill your bolt carrier for use with an auto sear, price includes parkerizing.
Barrel Replacement, paddle mag installation, and restamping will require at least an upper only refinish.  Our finish is black and identical to the finish used on SP89 and later Hk machine guns.

Refinish Upper Only
Refinish Complete Rifle
Refinish Collapsible Stock