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JLD PTR 91 Services and Upgrades

The JLD / PTR 91 Inc GI Models are solid rifles out of the box.  With a few upgrades such as the optic rail, paddle mag, and Hk style refinish they can be made into a great modern style rifle.

Optic Rail Install

Optic Rail Part
Weld on Optic Rail


Paddle Mag Install

Paddle Mag Install Labor
Paddle Mag Lever Part
Paddle Mag Contact Piece and Mag Catch Parts (not all PTRs need these
parts, some come with the correct pieces)  


Barrel Shorten / Machine / Thread

Shorten / Thread Barrel 
Permanently Attach Muzzle Device 


Trigger Work

Main goal with trigger jobs on G3s is to clean up the pull and overtravel.  Trigger pull is usually in the 5lb range, going lighter can cause problems with function after long term use 



The optic rail and paddle mag install require welding and machining of the receiver which would make some refinish work necessary. The cost to Refinish the Upper in Hk black is $255 or Complete Rifle $375. The upgrade to the actual Hk style finish is preferred by most customers.  Typical turn around time for the work is about 4 weeks.

This is video of a PTR91 Inc GI Model we modified for Gabe Suarez of Warrior Talk.   They sell the GI Model through http://www.onesourcetactical.com/