IGF Built MP5K Pistol For Sale – Sold!

June 23, 2015

This MP5K was built using mostly factory Hk German parts and an LSC MP5K flat.

The factory Hk parts that were used are trunnion, bolt and carrier assembly, cocking handle and support, trigger pack, grip frame, rear sight, and pistol style end cap at the rear of the receiver.

Also most of the internal parts have been nitrided for a smoother action and increased corrosion resistance. The parts that were nitrided are barrel, cocking handle support, carrier, trigger pack, hammer, sear, and trigger.

The pistol has a nice smooth but firm action and is 100% reliable with standard velocity 115 grain ammunition.

This is being sold in pistol configuration without a magazine. I did include one photo an MP5K pistol with a registered trigger pack, buttstock, and vertical grip forearm installed to give an idea of what it would look like as an SBR or used as a sear host.

The firearm has sold, the cash discounted price for it was $4395 shipped.