Hk VP9 For Sale Like New In Box $450

April 10, 2017

I’ve got one VP90 that has hardly been used.  I purchased it a few years ago for no particular reason other than I liked the looks and feel of it.


I did shoot one USPSA match with it, but I kept a Silencerco barrel in it for the most part so the original barrel maybe has 20 rounds through it, the whole pistol probably only has about 250 rounds through it.


Looking to get $450 for it, includes the two 15 round factory mags, case, etc.  I am including 2 brand new mags with it as the originals have been used for USPSA a few times with my new pistol.  If you are in a state that restricts mags I have a couple 10 rounders available.  I’ll try to get some pics and info up on the sight soon.  I do have a person intersted in it, so it may be sold pending funds.


Only selling it as I plan on making some suppressors specifically for Hks and picked up a VP9 Tactical so I’d have a barrel with those Eurotrash 13×1 LH threads.


Shoot me an email if you are interested in it