Heckler & Koch Hk SP5K Photos from 2016 NRA Convention

May 23, 2016

Hk officially announced the SP5K at last weeks NRA Convention in Louisville, KY

Luckily my buddy Elka from Training at Barren Creek www.therangeatbarrencreek.com was at the convention and stopped by Hk’s booth to take a few photos of the SP5K for me.

For the most part the SP5K looks to be mostly the same firearm as the SP89 with a few modern updates such as a ambi lower, different forearm, and optic mount.

The SP89 came with a metal SEF lower and the SP5K has an FBI style ambi lower, the only visible difference is the SP5K’s grip frame doesnt have any holes for the front push pin.

right grip frame magwell closeup

The SP5K’s optic mount has a window cut for the serial, but there isnt a window where the model stamping would be.  We dont know yet if the SP5K has its model stamped into the forward section of the top rib, or if that area is blank.  The model is on the right magwell, so they may not have the model also on the top rail.


optic mount closeup


right side

The SP5K will come with the same barrel as the SP89 meaning no 3 lug, I will be offering barrel replacement for these firearms so a 3 lug barrel can be installed for mounting the MP5 style muzzle attachments.  I will also do model restamping and paddle mag installs for the SP5K as well.