Heckler and Koch Hk SP5K Modifications, Barrel Installs, and Conversion to MP5K or CA Compliant Rifle

June 16, 2016

Modifications available for the Hk SP5K

Hk is bringing back the civilian version of the MP5K for the first time in nearly 25 years.  There has been a lot of interest in converting the SP5K to the MP5K setup to get the features of the factory MP5K and MP5K-N.  Some customers are also interested in making the SP5K CA compliant which requires converting it to a rifle configuration adding a fake suppressor, fixed stock, and bullet button.

The most common upgrades to make the SP5K like the MP5K / MP5K-N would be:  3 Lug barrel, paddle mag install, and model restamping.

Typical Turn around time for the conversion work will be about 3 to 4 weeks.

Services/Prices for Converting SP5K to MP5K or MP5K-N

RCM 3 Lug MP5K Barrel with MP5K-N Style Threaded Muzzle $190 (available with 1/2 x 28 or 1/2 x 32 threads) or Standard Non Threaded 3 Lug $150

Labor to Replace Barrel $445

Paddle Mag Install $195

Paddle Mag Lever and Contact Piece $110 (Factory New Hk Parts, you may provide your own parts as well)

Restamp Model on Forward Part of Top Rib to MP5K or MP5K-N $225 (new or traditional style Hk logo available)

Refinish Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly $175

For customers that want to use their SP5K with a sear I can weld and machine the carrier to auto specs for $145.

Modifications for Converting SP5K to CA Compliant Rifle

RCM 3 Lug Barrel $150 or MP5K-N 3 Lug and Threaded Muzzle Barrel $190

Labor to Replace Barrel $445

Fake Suppressor to get Barrel Length over 16″ $145

Perm Attach Fake Suppressor $60

Install US Parts and Bullet Button or other CA Compliant Device $45 (this is labor only and does not include the US parts or CA Compliant Device)

Refinish Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly $175

Remarking and Paddle Mag Installs would also be possible on the CA compliant Rifles for the same price as those listed for the MP5K Conversion.