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Prices for HK .308 and .223 Rifle Builds


IGF Rifle Builds

Assemble Only

Assemble Complete Upper (Includes installing barrel, timing front site for proper site alignment, properly headspacing, and test firing).


Assemble complete rifle (Assemble complete upper, convert trigger pack to semi auto, clip and pin grip frame, install customer furnished US parts, and assemble all remaining parts).




Assemble Complete Rifle and Refinish with Envirotech Finish


Refinish Only

Envirotech Finish (Available in Modern Black or Early Hk Dark Gray)


Envirotech Camo Available in Desert Camo (Yellow-Tan and Green) and Forrest Camo (Black, Brown, and Green)



Install Paddle Mag Lever (labor only) We typically stock the parts required for the paddle mag install, the price for the parts varies according to supply email us for current paddle parts price and availability.


Restamp Existing Model to New Model


Engrave New Markings (SBR Info, Date Codes, etc)


Machine Receiver and Weld on Case Deflector


Weld on One Piece Optics Rail


Refinish Collapsible Stock