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MP5F Pistol For Sale – Sold

This MP5 pistol was built using a demilled Hk MP5F kit and LSC Flat. The F kits are fairly rare, the MP5F was developed specifically for the French military. Distinguishing features are ambidextrous sling loops on the front sight, a

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Hk MR556 / 416 Barrel Length / Profile Weight Comparison

  I get asked fairly often how much weight can be taken off of HK’s MR556 by going with a different length barrel or different profile under the handguard. The most common lengths for the MR556 / Hk 416 barrels

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SP89 Rumored to be imported to the US again.

SP89 Converted to MP5K Rumors are starting to circulate that Hk-USA may again offer the SP89 for sale in the US as the SP5K. It would be legal for import, since the exact same firearm manufactured by MKE has been
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PTR 91 G3 Mods and Upgrades – Video

Project Info PTR 91 GI Model. Client: TSD Date: August  2012 Project URL: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/tsdcombatsystems.aspx PTR 91 Mods PTR 91 Mods Modifications: Paddle Mag Lever, Optic Rail, Trigger Job, Upgraded Grip Frame, Barrel Shortened and Threaded, Complete Envirotech Rifle Refinish In this
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Welcome To The New Site

Its been 2 years since I updated the IGF website. The last version of this site was pretty hard for me to update and not ipad/iphone friendly at all. Hoping the new site will allow me to update inventory items

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