Back from the Mayo Clinic, 416Cs are hot, Reanodizing/Coloring/Restamping now Available for MRs, Customer 416 Barrels

February 02, 2018

I’m back from some intense diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic I spent a week from the 22nd until the 26th of January.

Long story short I’ve got a messed up adrenal gland with a slight tumor on it that most likely just gets setoff with stress as I was super stressed last summer trying to deal with a frivolous lawsuit involving a customer that sent me an SBR from California that was registered in Utah.  I contacted my local ATF office for guidance on how to handle it and instead of the guy doing that he sued me for $2.5 million.  Bad part was he knew his way around the legal system he had sued the state of UT for over $20 million in 2016 and won $9.5 million.


So I had to spend a lot of time staying on top of that lawsuit and keep work moving through the shop which became 12 hours a day Monday through Saturday as well as most Sundays.


Basically that was enough stress to set off that adrenal tumor and totally screw my stress hormones up.  My blood pressure was hitting over 200 for quite awhile didn’t find out until Labor Day, of course my local Drs werent much help, I got into a good endocrinologist in December but he needed a lot of tests ran and needed me to visit with a neurologist that we couldn’t get into until April etc etc


So we went to the Mayo Clinic last week and got it all done and basically they were able to tell a lot of the problems I was having are clearing up, my system was thrown so far off in Sept they thought I had Lupus, which they were able to completely rule out last week.


Prior to last week I was having to be out two days a week to try to get stuff done or mess with a local Dr that was getting me no where fast.


I’m pretty much back to normal, I still feel slightly crappy from the autoimmune stuff but its not nearly as bad as it was either.


Basically at this point we are just going to monitor the adrenal tumor with my endocrinologist make sure its not something real serious and basically try to keep it from flaring up.


I’ll be spending a lot of this week getting the finish on some SP5Ks, MR to 416s, and G3 builds that I started in December, but we had 3 weeks of bad weather, either very cold or damp and sometimes both.  I have a climate controlled area for refinishing, but the air for the compressor comes from outside and the oddest thing is the tendency for cold air to spray water as it comes out of the gun.  In the same way that water will condense out of your tailpipe when you start it in cold weather.

So this is going to be a bit of a catch up week on work already started plus I’ll be sending out the MRs and 416C barrels for nitride around Feb 8th.

I’ve noticed the two things that piss customers off the most is not replying to their email or getting their stuff done, which unfortunately cant be done at the same time.  Right now I am getting close to 60 emails a day which is very odd for this time of year.

I am working on FAQs  for each type of build and conversion, I hope that answers a lot of questions for guys and reduces the amount of time I spend on email, lately I have been starting emails around 7:30 and not actually getting to working on steel until 2PM or so. The FAQs  should help get guys answers quick to common questions and leave me more time to get down to the details that really make the custom build or conversion.  If you are wondering about prices they are all pretty much on the website or in this autoreply if they havent made it to the website yet.  If you cant see them on your phone look at the website on a computer, the website isnt real mobile friendly and chops the prices off on some phones, but you can see them on a computer all the build prices are the same.

To answer a lot of questions I’ll do your Hk build/Conversion from a receiver, existing firearm, flat and kit (G3, 33, PSG1, MP5  SP5K, MR, 416/416C etc) no problem, I quit repairing Hk clones that wont work because I dont have time and I’m not taking in anything that is not an Hk for work anymore just have too many firearms that are all Hks in the shop now.

If you are wanting a build, conversion, restamp to 416 etc I can do it no problem, hang tight and I’ll get back with you.

I tried to reply to as many emails as I could while I was at the Mayo clinic, but I didn’t realize how intense they work you there, I pretty much had one test, lab, or consult 8 hours a day for 4 days.  Didn’t leave much time for answering emails so I came home to 128 emails.  Going to take awhile to get caught up on those.

BTW speaking of email my IGF server has gone to a new form of encryption that the email client I’ve been using since 2007 cant do so I’m upgrading email and havent been able to send/receive email from the IGF account for a few days.  I’m working on moving over the IGF email to a different company instead of my website host.  The email address will stay the same, it will just be handled with a different server.

Finally got the 416C all together and finished



This is a crappy cell phone pic taken under my orange ceiling fan lights, I’ll break out the Nikon first chance I get and take some real photos.  Its rock solid  and will be for sale.  Shoot me an email if you want to buy it and we can go over the details etc. I also plan on doing a video of it running at some point for Youtube, just depends on time that I have.


Everything else below is pretty much the same news that it has been for awhile.


I haven’t had a chance to get website quality photos up for the website yet, but do have a few cell phone photos to give you an idea of what the restamping looks like.


The anodizing is also I think a very good match to the factory Hk anodizing, much more complicated than a bucket of water and battery acid!


I had to implement PTFE treatment, Nickle Acetate Sealing, as well as a very light etch before anodizing to get that slight sheen the Hk anodizing has.


This is the right side of the lower


And the left

If you look close I’ve just sorta highlighted the selector markings I need to clean that up and will when I get a chance to fully assemble it.   I also hid part of the serial number.


Some have asked about how I do the serial to make sure it stays compliant.  I take a photo of the original with my Nikon D800 and a macro lens and then convert that to a file the laser can use to re-highlight the original serial so the original serial stays on the lower the entire time and is never altered in anyway.


I also did what I could on the manufacturing info side, I don’t believe I could put Made in Germany on these since they are not actually made in Germany.  I did replicate the 416 markings as close as possible and still stay within all legal manufacturing marking guidelines.


I honestly think the official Hk markings are the ones you can see under the grip as those are the only ones that meet min depth requirements by the ATF so the others may not matter anyway.  Not about to find out the hard way though!


I’ll get some upper photos going soon as well, for now here is an MR upper I converted to 416 specs including the sear pocket at the rear, some spots on the receiver are oiled and others arent I just snapped this quickly before I boxed it up and sent it out.  I’ll get better photos of the restamps soon.

If you look closely you’ll also see there is no gap between the keymod forearm and receiver because this customer is running one of my keymod specific titanium barrel nuts that eliminates that fairly large gap.  Again shoplight and cellphone so not the best lighting.  The black and gray areas you see are just spots where gun oil is and is not on the surface.


Also have a small batch of Hk builds from finished receivers to do and then finally onto PSGs/MSGs that I’ve been talking about for months.

To be honest 2017 was not a great year for production some will remember early on I got sued frivolously for following the ATF guidelines on how to handle legally returning his firearm (for $2.5 million)

The bad part was the customer was very wealthy and knew the legal system well so he took up a good 6 to 8 weeks of production, eventually the case was thrown out by the judge (in November…)  Just so we are all clear I did not do any work or take any money from this customer.

Then I got officially sick on Labor Day, I had really been ill all year but didn’t go down until I noticed my blood pressure was spiking and hit 215/110 on Labor Day after being on vacation a week and I could no longer ignore my medical situation.  There was a good 3 months in there of running to Drs and the lab 2 days a week and wasting all kinds of time on Drs that honestly think cared more about billing than healing.

Finally after the trip to the Mayo clinic I don’t expect to be out of the shop an unordinary amount of days anymore.  Also the problem has cleared up a lot so I am feeling a lot better which should help with production as well.

For those looking for info on the 416Cs that isn’t on the website yet:

The introductory cost for the 416C upper conversion will be $795.  That includes a 416C barrel made on my HAAS from a quality barrel blank (1 in 7 twist, stainless or chromoly) and nitrided, that barrel installed into customer’s existing barrel extension (Hk extensions are available for around $100 if you would rather keep your stock barrel in its factory configuration), Titanium 416C gas piston, and modification to operating rod

These barrels will also have the 416 barrel markings laser engraved on them, included in the $795 price.


I’m also making custom 10.4 and 14.5 barrels for similar prices to the 416C cost.  Shoot me an email for details if you are interested.


If you are looking for 416 parts and 416C stocks my contact in Finland was able to legally import them and they are now available for sale on Gunbroker, sold out of Washington State so you don’t have to worry about international shipping etc.


I’ve got plenty of the new MR titanium barrel nuts in stock.  The barrel nuts are available for $195 and I have Titanium Gas Pistons for $95.  I also made a specific barrel nut for guys that have Geiselle forearms that are very tight on the factory nut as well as a Keymod specific barrel nut that will eliminate the gap between the receiver and keymod forearm.   I hope to have photos of all those up on the website soon as time permits.

Gas Piston on Lathe


I also made some double ringed gas pistons for guys that have problems with short stroking that the MR762 is sometimes known for.  Basically the extra set of rings helps seal off and prevent blowback and turn that blowback into cyclic action.  It made a major improvement on the relatively low cyclic powered 300 BO guns.   I’ll have photos and more info about them soon.


If you’ve made it this far, thanks for your interest!  Again I’m getting a ton of emails so please be patient and I’ll get you a reply.  Hang in there but I cant answer 80 emails every day and get much actual work done in the shop so I have to balance the two.