ATI MKE AT-43 For Sale – Sold

January 15, 2015

This rifle is brand new. I took it in on trade for some work over the summer.

I had planned to build it into a 53, since these have the best clone receiver you can find. However I’ve been so busy lately it doesnt seem I’ll have time to build myself a firearm any time soon so I have decided to sell it.

I’ve not shot it or modified it, it is just as it came from MKE.

I have looked it over briefly and the sights appear to be straight and even the paddle mag lever is reasonably tight and smooth. Especially for an MKE..

It currently is designed for a single stack magazine, however I dont have a single stack mag available for it.

It could be converted to take standard Hk magazines fairly easy, this modification requires some US parts for compliance. If you are interested in having this done I can get you a quote and can perform the work quickly.

The cash price is $1250 plus shipping. Payment can also be accepted via credit card for a small fee.

For more information send me an email