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We’ve been in business 14 years.  Offering custom builds and gunsmithing services for Hk, AK, AR15, FAL, Galil, and other firearms.  We also manufacture US parts and accessories for firearms.

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Shop Update 3/12 to 3/30 MR & Custom 416 and 416C barrels off to Nitride, Cutting Back on Emails, PSG Builds Starting, Wrapping up CA Firearm Work

Wanted to start off by saying Thank You to all the guys that sent me messages of support while I was ill starting late last summer and lasting most of the winter. For those that don’t know I have an

Email Problems on March 2nd

Sorry I got a ton of email the week of Feb 26th to March 2nd after the FL shooting and President’s Trumps statement on taking guns which caused my mailbox to go over its quota on Friday the 2nd. If