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We’ve been in business 14 years.  Offering custom builds and gunsmithing services for Hk, AK, AR15, FAL, Galil, and other firearms.  We also manufacture US parts and accessories for firearms.

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MR556 Bolt Carrier Conversion to HK 416C PDW

The Hk 416C is often referred to as an Ultra Compact Assault Rifle. To make the firearm as compact and light as possible modifications had to be made to both the external parts such as the stock as well as

IGF Built MP5K Pistol For Sale – Sold!

This MP5K was built using mostly factory Hk German parts and an LSC MP5K flat. The factory Hk parts that were used are trunnion, bolt and carrier assembly, cocking handle and support, trigger pack, grip frame, rear sight, and pistol