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We’ve been in business 14 years.  Offering custom builds and gunsmithing services for Hk, AK, AR15, FAL, Galil, and other firearms.  We also manufacture US parts and accessories for firearms.

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Heckler and Koch Hk SP5K Modifications, Barrel Installs, and Conversion to MP5K or CA Compliant Rifle

Modifications available for the Hk SP5K Hk is bringing back the civilian version of the MP5K for the first time in nearly 25 years.  There has been a lot of interest in converting the SP5K to the MP5K setup to

Heckler & Koch Hk SP5K Photos from 2016 NRA Convention

Hk officially announced the SP5K at last weeks NRA Convention in Louisville, KY Luckily my buddy Elka from Training at Barren Creek was at the convention and stopped by Hk’s booth to take a few photos of the SP5K for